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Trendspider (TS) is a proprietary stock analysis software and automated technical analysis of stock trends program for day trading, swing trading, and investing. It helps the active trading community in identifying and exploiting trends faster than the average trader. It also helps you track price movements and indicators.

  • TS was founded in 2016, and its products are innovative and fully customizable. Their smart algorithms are designed to eliminate emotion from the trading process.
  • Designed by traders, for traders, TS serves thousands of registered members.
  • With offices situated in Chicago, Denver, India, Russia, and Ukraine, the company provides customizable automated technical analysis, automatic trendlines, charts, indicators, and dynamic price alerts as its core components. Trading education is facilitated through video content and in-depth blog posts.


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How You Can Use Trendspider To Elevate Your Trading


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TS isn’t just your run-of-the-mill stock trends technical analysis program – it’s a sophisticated, proprietary tool revolutionizing how active traders approach the market. Whether you’re into live day trading, swing trading, or long-term investing, TS is designed to be your strategic ally in the dynamic world of finance.


TS helps the stock trading community elevate the trading game by identifying and capitalizing on trends quickly and easily. Trends in the market can be elusive, like shadows in the ever-changing landscape of stock prices. Trendspider’s intuitive tools and smart algorithms act as your guide, helping you spot these trends faster than the average trader.


Imagine having a digital companion that sifts through mountains of data, highlighting potential opportunities and alerting you to emerging trends. Trendspider is your eyes and ears in the market, giving you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s a short-term spike or a long-term trend, it equips you to confidently ride the waves of market movements.


But using Trendspider isn’t just about spotting trends; it’s about understanding them. The platform goes beyond the surface, allowing you to track price movements with precision. It’s like having a magnifying glass for market dynamics, giving you insights into the forces that drive prices up or down.


And let’s not forget about indicators – the bread and butter of technical analysis. It doesn’t just stop at helping you identify trends; it empowers you to track and interpret a multitude of indicators. Whether you’re diving into moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), moving average convergence divergence (MACD), or any other technical indicator, this platform is perfect for traders of all skill levels.


TS is more than software; it’s a strategic partner in your live trading journey. It’s the ally that helps you navigate the complexities of the market, giving you the tools to make the best trading decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned day trader or just dipping your toes into the world of trading, Trendspider levels the playing field, ensuring you’re not just keeping up with trends but staying one step ahead of them.


What Makes Trendspider Unique

This stock analysis tool has been making waves in the trading community world, and it’s not just hype – they’ve got the goods to back it up. One of their standout innovations is the Raindrop Chart, a feature that’s been turning heads lately. It’s like they took the traditional candlestick chart and gave it a modern-day makeover. The Raindrop Chart provides a unique visual representation of price action, offering traders a fresh perspective on market dynamics. Their platform is a versatile playground for traders, supporting U.S. stocks, forex, and crypto exchanges. Here are some other key features that make it unique:

  • Instant Backtesting Functionality: Instant backtesting functionality refers to a feature in trading or analytical software that allows users to quickly test the historical performance of a trading strategy or set of parameters against past market data. This allows you to rapidly evaluate how a strategy would have performed in the past, helping traders assess the viability before applying it to real-time trading. The instant backtesting feature is a game-changer. Traders can now simulate their strategies against historical data in a snap, gaining valuable insights before putting their money on the line. This is the crystal ball for your trading decisions.
  • Chart Pattern Recognition: Chart pattern recognition involves the automated identification of specific patterns or formations in financial charts, such as triangles, head and shoulders, or flags. This functionality helps traders identify potential trend reversals, continuations, or other significant price movements based on the historical recurrence of these patterns. Chart pattern recognition is another ace up Trendspider’s sleeve. The platform scans the charts for patterns, saving traders precious time and potentially uncovering opportunities that might have gone unnoticed. With this proprietary stock analysis tool, drawing and analyzing trend lines becomes a smooth and intuitive process.
  • Trendline Analysis: This is a method used in technical analysis to identify and analyze trends in financial markets. It involves drawing lines on a price chart to connect consecutive lows in an uptrend or consecutive highs in a downtrend. Trend lines help traders visualize the direction of the market. They are essential to help traders make decisions about entry and exit points.
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis: Multi-timeframe analysis helps traders make informed trading decisions. It involves studying the same asset or security across different time intervals simultaneously. By doing so, traders can analyze shorter or longer timeframes to gain an understanding of the current market state and potential future movements.
  • Alphatrends & VWAP: Volume-weighted average price (VWAP) and Alphatrends indicators can be applied to all types of charts within the software. VWAP is a trading tool that reflects the average price at which a security has traded throughout the day, weighted by the volume of each trade. This dynamic duo can be applied to all charts, offering traders an additional layer of insight into market trends and potential turning points. This is your sidekick in your trading journey.


Trendspider Pricing Levels

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Trendspider offers three different pricing levels:

  • Essential: This plan level gives you basic access to most data, tools, and capabilities. This plan is perfect for beginners.
  • Elite: This level gives you access to all data, tools, and capabilities, and is perfect for most regularly active traders.
  • Elite Plus: The Elite Plus level gives you access plus significantly more alerts, bots, and capacity. This plan is perfect for pros and more advanced traders.

TS’s revolutionary trading community platform empowers traders to level the playing field by providing access to tools that were once exclusive to institutional investors. With the ability to streamline workflows, expedite analysis, discover actionable ideas, refine strategies, and execute trades with algorithmic precision, TS equips engaged traders with the essential resources to navigate the dynamic financial landscape and enhance their overall trading experience. It’s a game-changing platform designed to elevate individuals to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness in the markets.



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